National Bath Safety Month Tips

January Is National Bath Safety Month and Partee Insurance wants to make sure your bathroom is safe for the seniors and children in your life.

Sometimes an overlooked area, the bath or bathroom is often a common area where seniors have accidental falls. The good news is that these falls can be prevented with these precautions:

  1. Make sure your bathroom floor is clear of any spills and is clean of any clutter.
  2. Safety handles are an easy to install tool and can be placed in the bath, shower, and even by the toilet. They are a great tool for elders when trying to reach or move around in the bath.
  3. Non-slip rugs or mats should be placed on the floor at the entry of the tub or shower.


There are several ways to help prevent accidental falls or injury for children:

  1. An adult should stay with the child (especially under 4 years of age) at all times when the child is near or in the bath.
  2. Children lack coordination and balance to keep themselves from falling. Having a slip-resistant plastic mat with suctions in the tub can help decrease the likelihood of a fall.
  3. Grab handles and non-slip mats should be placed in and around the bath as well.
  4. Avoid any bath toys that may have hard edges that could be potentially dangerous if your child were to fall.


We hope you find these tips helpful!