Get Your Home Guest Ready In 15 Minutes

Get Your Home Guest Ready in 15 Minutes

Many of us plan on hosting parties at our homes or simply having guests over in order to catch the latest football game or maybe your children are going to have a playdate while the parents relax. No matter what your plans are it’s important to make sure that your home is ready and expectant for guests. We know that sometimes life can get the better of you and things can be a little messy around the house, so we’ve prepared some tips and tricks in order to help you get your home guest ready in 15 minutes.

Focus on cleaning up the areas your company will see. If you have plans to have your company inside of the house then spend a bit of time straightening up some of the areas you know they will see. Are there some dishes laying around in the kitchen? Maybe the bathroom could use a bit of tidying up. Spend 5 minutes on three of the most important areas in your home that they will see and straighten them up as best you can.

Have your kids put away their belongings. If you notice that there’s an abundance of shoes or jackets, maybe even some backpacks lying around the house then give your child a reminder. Let them know that you’re expecting company and that they need to bring their belongings to their room or put them in their respective places.

Make sure to shut your doors! Are there any spaces that are a bit messy that can avoid being seen? Simply shut the door to that messy office. This will make sure that no one is aware of the mess and keeping closed doors also helps if there are other children over and they get a little curious, it helps keep them away from spaces where they should not be playing.

These are just some of the small steps that you can take to make sure that your house is guest ready in 15 minutes or less. There are so many other things that you can do, so get creative with the fifteen minutes you have and get tidying!