5 Ways to Plan The Perfect Family Vacation



Summer is right around the corner, approaching fast and your children are getting ready to have a break from school and maybe you have some unused vacation time that you need to get rid of. If you’re thinking about planning a family vacation then there are likely a few things that you’re worried about along the way. Maybe the weather isn’t looking so great in the days to come, maybe your children are impatient when it comes to car or plane rides, or maybe you’re just not sure where you should go. Here are a few things that you can to to try and make planning your vacation as quick and painless as possible!


Pick a family friendly destination. Make sure there’s a little something for everyone when you’re planning your trip. You don’t want to start off by having a good time only to realize that there’s only so much your children can do in order to keep themselves busy. There’s nothing worse than trying to take some time to relax when you have a toddler or teenager constantly at your side because they have nothing they can do. Decide beforehand what you and your family want to do, whether it be outdoor activities, indoor activities or maybe man-made diversions. Then you can select a destination based on the age range of children in your family and combined interests from there. It will not only put your mind at ease, but your family’s minds at ease if they know there will be no down-time for them to be bored.


Plan ahead and plot accordingly. While having an adventure with your family can be fun, it can also bring unwanted trouble in the end. Make sure that you figure out what your destination has to offer before heading there. Check the attractions around the area that you and your family plan on spending the most time in so there are no surprises when you arrive. There’s nothing worse than having to hunt for something to do which could take anywhere from minutes to hours depending on whether you think the rest of your family would enjoy them just as much as you would. Not only is it good to know what types of exciting attractions are in the area, but make sure you know what your dining options are before you arrive so that way you and the rest of your family aren’t spending time arguing over whether or not chinese sounds good or if you’d all rather grab some fast food.


Rent where possible. There are some things that should be considered a must have for most family vacations, but sometimes the convenience is worth it versus the stress of figuring out solutions for things that went unpacked. Many on-site places will offer rentals that you can grab right at your destination, and while it might be a bit pricier it’s often worth it in the end rather than spending your time hauling accoutrements from one airport to the next.


Give kids some space. Children often need just as much time to decompress as we do after a long day, especially if they’ve been sitting in a car for eight hours or sitting on a plane with only small things to keep them occupied. Don’t try to fill your entire vacation with activities, otherwise that’s set up to wear them out rather quickly and you will have to worry about making proper accommodations in order to make sure they have time to regain their energy. Rather than constantly doing activities that require a high amount of energy, try looking for things that are a little more secluded and don’t require as much excitement and stamina. Maybe taking a walk around your destination or spending a quiet afternoon on the beach would be more up their alley. Don’t jam-pack your entire vacation into a tight schedule. Give yourself, and your children, some time to truly relax.


Surprise and Delight. While having everything planned out beforehand is a good way to make your vacation go a lot smoother, that doesn’t mean there can’t be any surprises along the way. Try to find attractions that aren’t tourist heavy, places where there aren’t a lot of people that your family or children can enjoy. As parents, you’re always learning things about your child each and every day, try to gauge their interests and see if there’s something around that you hadn’t planned and surprise them with it. Surprise them with an attraction that wasn’t planned, or maybe by taking them to a restaurant with one of their favorite foods. There are always ways to spice up your family vacation and to keep your family engaged.