Insurance for Public Water & Sewer Districts

We’ll Get You The Protection You Need

Managing a public water or sewage system is by no means the most glamorous job in the world, but it’s a good business for those who choose it. Partee Insurance Associates is the best choice to insure public water and sewer district professionals. Public sector insurance has to meet a lot of requirements, and our agency has the experience to make sure you’re getting what you need.

Our Agents Have Got You Covered

Managing a public water system requires the ability to see the bigger picture while still considering the smaller details. Our agency can do this for your commercial enterprise; we have years of experience in the insurance industry, and we’ll help you take your business in the future.

Partee Insurance Associates has coverage options for many types of public water operations. We can protect:

  • Water districts
  • Sewer districts
  • Conservation districts
  • And more!

We can take a look at the details of your area and provide the coverage that is right for your specific needs. When you need coverage for your sewer system, partner with an agency that has provided this kind of coverage many times over. Our carriers have packages made for water districts, so you won’t get inappropriate coverage.

Talk To Us About Extra Protection

Sometimes, those who manage entities both public and private choose to purchase extra protection for their commercial needs. Partee Insurance Associates can provide you with umbrella/excess liability insurance that will cover some things that your regular policy may not.

To get the benefit of our experience, contact one of our agents at 888-628-7566 . For a free no obligation quote, fill out our web form. If you need insurance for a municipal water program, we’re always here for you.