California Workers’ Compensation Insurance

You built your business from the ground up, with your own hands and hard work. Family and friends helped where they could, but you looked forward to the day when you hired your first employee. It was a milestone in your business.

Without employees, your business can’t grow and succeed. From the moment you hire your first employee, under California law, you’re required to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage for them and your business.

Like all other commercial insurance policies, a California workers’ compensation policy protects you from expensive lawsuits. Unlike other insurance, though, workers comp also protects your employees. Since they’re the only reason you’re able to grow and succeed, it makes sense to take care of them, too.

How does California workers’ compensation insurance work?

In California, workers’ comp is a necessary policy of any business owner. It protects both you and your employees.

  • When an employee gets hurt on the job, workers’ comp pays their medical expenses and lost wages.
  • When an employee gets sick while on the job, workers’ comp pays their medical expenses and lost wages.
  • In the tragic event an employee dies on the job, workers’ comp pays a benefit to the family.

What does workers’ comp do for you?

Because your employees are taken care of after an injury and while they recover, a California workers’ compensation insurance policy eliminates a lot of unnecessary lawsuits. But since people still have the right to sue, your workers’ comp policy helps pay your legal fees, costs, and judgements if you get taken to court.

You have more control over your California workers’ compensation insurance policy than you realize…

We offer a system known as the Partee’s CompCosTrol® Process Manual, also known as our “Purple Cow.” It allows you some control over your workers' compensation claim costs for claims and future employer paid workers' compensation insurance premiums. Our system puts all the control process tools in the your hands rather in the insurance/advocate attorney/injury employee hands.

Those of our clients who have decided to implement that CompCosTrol process now control not just the claim frequency and severity. They have also taken control of their future workers' compensation insurance cost. Save money. Know your budget. Protect your business and your employees. It’s the best of everything about workers’ comp insurance.

Workers’ compensation doesn’t have to be complicated.

In California, workers’ compensation has to be calculated down to the last penny based on the actual work your employees do. It can feel like a complicated mess at times. And an expensive one. It’s important to work with an insurance agent that understands your business and the workers’ compensation insurance.

Partee Insurance knows how important your business is to you, and how much you value your employees. We’re happy to go over your current workers’ compensation policy to make sure you’ve got the right coverage or to put together a quote for a new policy.