California Disability Insurance

You need your employees to help your business succeed. Without them, you can’t get jobs done, help customers, or grow. You know your employees are covered if they get hurt at work, that’s what workers’ compensation insurance is for. But what about when they become injured or ill outside of work?

Good employees are hard to find. The more you can do to encourage your best people to stay, the more successful your company will be. When an employee has to be out of work because they’ve become ill or been in an accident, money shouldn’t be one of their worries.

Being out of work, for many people, means being out of a paycheck. You have the power to provide peace of mind to your employees with disability insurance.

Let your employees know you value them as individuals and as part of your company. Give them a way to take care of themselves while they recover. Take a little stress of their shoulders during their downtime.

Can a California disability insurance policy really do all of that? Absolutely.

In California, the disability insurance you offer employees can be customized to fit your budget and your business goals. Choose between short-term disability, long-term disability, or offer both.

  • Short-term disability typically lasts between three months a year, depending on your policy.
  • Long-term disability lasts two years, five years, or up to age 65, among other options.

Your employees can use their existing vacation or sick time and then receive a portion of their pay from their disability coverage. You determine when disability insurance is available and under what conditions.

You can sleep better at night, knowing you’re taking care of the people who help make your business successful. Your employees will sleep better because they know they can cover their living expenses even in the worst moments of their life - death, illness, or major accidents.

Give us a call today and let’s talk about your business and your employees. We can help you choose a California disability insurance policy that takes care of the people who matter most to your company.