California General Liability Insurance

What was the bare minimum you needed to open your business? Was it a first client? A small storefront? Maybe all you needed was one customer interested in your first product. Whatever it was, the basics of your business got you started.

Know what you need as a bare minimum to keep your business going? A California general liability insurance policy.

Customers, vendors, clients, and anyone else that is not an employee that interacts with your business can experience property damage or become injured in ways you can’t anticipate. From a trip and fall in your parking lot to a stolen laptop while at a business meeting, you’d be amazed at all the ways injury or damages can occur. Believe us, we’ve seen it all.

When a third-party is harmed in some way while doing business with you, you’re liable for the damage. You never know how much medical expenses or major repairs can cost. You don’t want to find out the hard way, either - when they hand you the bill.

In California, general liability insurance covers you and your business in three key - and potentially expensive - ways:
Bodily injury: When someone is injured on your business property or while doing business with you, liability coverage will pay their medical expenses.

Property damage: If a third party’s personal property is damaged, stolen, or destroyed, your insurance will cover the costs to repair or replace their property.

Lawsuits: Your legal fees and settlement or judgement will be paid if you’re sued for liability by a customer, client, vendor, or other third-party.

Because you can never predict how expensive a general liability claim will be, it’s important to make sure you have a policy that can cover you. Don’t lose everything in one bad accident or one big lawsuit because you didn’t have the right insurance in place.

We’re here to help you determine how much coverage your business needs and make sure you have all the necessary insurance, beyond general liability, to keep your business going even when the worst happens. Contact us today for a free quote!

Here at Partee Insurance, we don’t want to see anyone’s hard work and dreams go down because of a lack of insurance. The first thing you made or service you provided was the start of a thriving business. Now, a California general liability insurance policy is the first, and most basic, step in protecting your business.