California Commercial Auto Insurance

Most people don’t know what it takes to build a business. Time away from your family. Time working on projects. Time spent on the road. You’re dedicated to growing your company, and sometimes that means time spent behind the wheel - visiting vendors, clients, customers, or a jobsite. Here at Partee, we understand the sacrifices you make and the dream you’re building.

Is your business protected when you’re driving? Without a California commercial auto insurance policy, probably not. Don’t let one bad accident get in the way of your business’s success.

Who needs a California commercial auto insurance policy?

You may think that only companies with large fleets of vehicles need commercial auto insurance. Think again. Plenty of businesses need protection in case of an accident while you or your employees are on the job.

  • You own one or more company vehicles.
  • You use your personal vehicle for work.
  • You ask or allow employees to regularly use their personal vehicle for business purposes.
  • You provide courier and delivery services.
  • Your vehicle has permanent racks and toolboxes installed for work.
  • You visit your clients and customers.
  • You travel with customers and clients.
  • You travel between job locations or ask your employees to do the same.

If you can say yes to even one of these statements, you need a California commercial auto insurance policy.

What does commercial auto insurance cover in California?

In California, commercial auto insurance looks, from the outside, much like your personal auto insurance policy. They both offer liability, property damage, and medical expenses. Potential risk is what separates a commercial policy from a personal one. The last thing you want or need is one big lawsuit to shut your doors forever.

Partee Insurance is proud to help you protect every part of your business, whether a beat up old work truck or an eco-friendly hybrid. You need your vehicle to make your business run, and we want to help you protect what matters most.

Make sure your company, your employees, and your vehicles are covered while you’re on the road. Contact us for a California commercial auto insurance quote today!