California Bonds

As a contractor, you’ve probably done a few handshake deals in your time. It was enough to make the verbal agreement that the job would get done. Your word was your bond, and that’s all anyone needed.

These days that’s not always enough. Too many people have been burned and now they want a firm guarantee before awarding a contract.

As a contractor, you know what to do to get a job done. The right subcontractors and reliable equipment are just the start. The right insurance coverage is a given.

Don’t overlook surety bonds as part of the process. When you take out those bonds, new opportunities open up for you. Government contracts, major companies, and big jobs come your way when you’re bonded.

We know you’re an honest business owner and a hardworking contractor. Your existing clients know it, too. You’ve proven yourself to them time and time again. You know you’d get the job done without the bonds, but don’t let a lack of a bond keep you from growing your business. Being bonded will open doors for you.

Surety bonds offer peace of mind to the organizations and people who want to hire you. Different types of bonds offer different guarantees, depending on which type you need.

  • Contract Bonds guarantee that a contractor will keep to the terms of the construction contract between you and the client.
  • Commercial Bonds give an organization peace of mind that you’ll follow all government rules and regulations.
  • Fidelity Bonds protect against employee theft.
  • Court Bonds protect both you and your client from any losses in a court decision.

Being bonded is a requirement for big government contracts. Even if it wasn’t, it’s still a good way to give new customers and clients assurance that you’ll get the job done and play by the rules. We know they’ll figure it out once they see you in action, but until then, get the right surety bonds for your business so you can win the big contracts.

Here at Partee Insurance, we believe in you and your business. We want to see you succeed as a contractor. Contact us today and let’s talk about the California bonds that will benefit you and your company the most.