Keeping Cool This Summer

We all do this every summer. We look at our utilities bill and think, “How can I POSSIBLY lower my air conditioning bill?!”

Look no further than right here, my friends! Let’s take a look at the top ways that you can keep cool this summer without having to blast that A/C 24/7 in your home!

  • Keep your blinds closed and use blackout curtains. This will reduce the amount of heat entering your home.
  • Adjusting your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise will allow the fan to fan the hot air upwards away from you easier, thus cooling down the room in general.

Keep your body temperature down by employing these cool tricks:

  • Wear light-colored cotton in the summer months as it is more breathable than synthetic fabrics.
  • Place lotions in the refrigerator and use on your overheating, overtired feet.

It can even work when you go to bed! If you’re like a lot of us and can’t not have a sheet covering you, then you should look into these 2 things before calling it a night!

  • As with your clothing, look to place a lightweight cotton sheet on your bed. It is much more breathable than presumably cool fabrics like silk and satin. More airflow = cooler temperatures under the covers!
  • If you want that extra coolness, then take your sheet and place in the freezer for a few minutes before you tuck in. It won’t keep you cool all night, but it might provide you enough time to fall asleep while still feeling cool and refreshed.

And if worse turns to worst, then just do what Buzzfeed would do!