a couple wondering if they need wedding insurance

Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

Did you get engaged over Valentine’s Day? While you are planning your big day, don’t forget to consider wedding insurance.

What is Wedding Insurance?

We’ve all read about wedding disasters that turned that perfect moment into an unforgettable nightmare. However, wedding insurance provides peace of mind if the unexpected happens on your special day.

A Travelers’ Insurance press release identified the most common causes of wedding insurance claims. According to their data:

  • 44% of claims were for vendors who failed to deliver as promised.
  • 28% of claims were for property damage to the venue related to the wedding.
  • 8% were due to sickness and injury befalling the bride, groom, or key member of the bridal party which led to a cancelation or postponement.
  • 6% of claims stemmed from problems involving bridal party attire or military deployment.

What Does It Cover?

You did your homework, got everything in writing, and you talked to all your vendors. It appears everything is well-organized and the day should proceed easily. Suddenly, you discover things aren’t going to go as planned.

Vendor fails to show up – your caterer didn’t show up and you need to postpone your wedding. Your insurance covers the additional cost which you may not recoup otherwise, even if you can sue.

Property damage – Uncle Joe decides to go on a drunken rampage and the rented hall says you’re responsible for the damages. Your policy pays for damages to the hall, so you don’t have to.

Damaged or inaccessible sites – the hall or ceremony site you’ve chosen cannot honor your reservation due to things such as a fire, flood, electrical outage, or closure. Your insurance policy covers the costs of rescheduling your wedding.

Bad weather – your out-of-town wedding party participants or most of your guests cannot reach your venue. Your insurance covers all the expenses involved in rescheduling.

Injuries or illness – the bride comes down with a serious illness and you need to reschedule. She and anyone else essential to the wedding can rest easy knowing your policy covers expenses for rescheduling.

Military deployment – a call to duty means you cannot move forward with the wedding until the bride or groom returns. Wedding insurance covers the expenses of postponement.

Additional coverage – you can also buy coverage for your gifts, video, photographs, and honeymoon if you wish. You can also insure your attire such as the bridal gown, tuxedo, and accessories. Your agent or broker may also recommend personal liability and medical coverage in case someone injures themselves during your event.

What It Doesn’t Cover

You cannot use wedding insurance to cover your costs if you decide not to marry. It usually does not cover items such as your engagement ring either, but it may cover your wedding rings.

Is It Expensive?

Considering the implications of a wedding gone wrong, wedding insurance is a real bargain. A basic wedding insurance policy usually costs less than $500, but it provides plenty of security.

Discuss the details with your agent to ensure you buy the wedding insurance policy that’s right for you. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind on a very important, busy, and complex day in your life.