Best April Fools Day Pranks for You and Your Family

April is the one time of the year where there is an entire day dedicated to playing pranks on your friends, family or loved ones. Are you tired of playing the same jokes on your family every year and in search of some new ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here are just a few family-friendly jokes that you can play on your loved ones, friends or children without them getting too upset.

Undrinkable Juice. Does your child have a certain cup that they enjoy drinking out of more than any other one? Maybe they have a cup specifically for their juice or other beverages. Fill their cup with gelatin and place it in the fridge overnight, and in the morning when the drink is firm, offer them a sip! You’ll be delighted by their confused reaction and leave them wondering why they are unable to enjoy their morning drink.

Sour Apples. Everyone enjoys a good ol’ caramel covered apple, but on this day your family won’t be biting into the crisp fruit they usually enjoy. Buy a bag of yellow onions and dip them into melted caramel to make them appear as though they are caramel covered apples. Offer these up after dinner and watch their expressions change immediately! Just make sure to give them something truly sweet afterwards for being the victim of this pungent prank.

Blue Bath. Swab the inside of your bathtub faucet with some blue food dye and wait for your child to turn the handle when it’s their turn to take a bath. Their reaction surely won’t disappoint you as they wonder how their clear bath water suddenly turned blue! Just remember to tell them that it’s a joke afterwards.

No TV Tonight. Is your family one that likes to spend their downtime watching television? Place pieces of clear tape over the sensors on your television or your child’s gaming consoles and watch as they freak out from not being able to use them! Don’t let the joke go on too long though, or you may have a few upset family members on your hands once all is said and done.

Snack Switch. This prank is a little less devious than the previous ones. Take the time to open the bottom of your child’s favorite snacks and replace the contents inside of them with something else that they enjoy and watch as they get confused. It will leave them wondering how cheetos snuck into their bag of fritos or vice versa!

These are just a few simple pranks that you can play on your children or family members. There are plenty more like this, and a lot of them can be found by searching on google or maybe you have some ideas of your own. Have a great April Fools Day and don’t forget that Partee Insurance is always thinking of you, and not just for Insurance purposes!