a home and car that have their insurance combined with one California insurance agency

5 Reasons To Combine Your Home & Auto Policies With One Agency

Many people choose an insurance company based on convenience. If your parents use a particular company for car insurance, you might use them too. If you buy a house, your real estate agent might recommend someone and you may rely on their judgment without much consideration.

Of course cost is important. You may do your due diligence and shop for the lowest prices, but buying individual policies from various insurance carriers sometimes means you’re missing out on discounts.

Here are 5 reasons you might want to consider bundling your home and automobile insurance policies with one independent insurance agency instead.


When you bundle your policies with one agency you receive one bill and deal with one company. If you have questions or concerns, need to file a claim, or need to make a change, you know who to contact without sifting through piles of paperwork and talking to many representatives.

Single Deductible

Insurers often offer customers the option to pay a single deductible for bundled policies. If you need to claim on more than one policy, you pay a single joint deductible instead of a deductible for each policy.

Deep Discounts

The insurance industry is very competitive and companies know that they need to offer incentives to attract and keep customers. Often times, customers who buy a single line of insurance switch companies at renewal time. It’s expensive for insurance companies to continually underwrite and handle many individual policies.

Big insurance companies want people to insure more with them and they want their customers to stay loyal. Consequently, they offer “multiline discounts” when you insure your home and vehicle with them.

Discounts vary between insurers, but according to a 2016 Quadrant Information Services study California drivers could save up to 14.8%. With an average cost of $1,749 for home and auto insurance, the discount could chop off $259 from your annual insurance costs.

Independent Insurance Agents Work For You

You don’t need to sort through countless companies to find one that offers the best price and coverage. An independent insurance agency like ours has the knowledge and expertise to do the work for you.

We can compare quotes from multiple companies, find appropriate coverage, and save you money. too.

Discuss your insurance needs with an independent insurance agent in your area. Why leave up to 15% of your money sitting on the table? A good agent can find the ideal coverage and the best price on a multiline plan for your home and vehicle.