5 Fun Inauguration Facts

Today is Inauguration Day! After today there will now be 58 Inaugurations in our nation’s history, so let’s look at back a few interesting facts about them!

  1. The first president to be sworn in in Washington, D.C. was Thomas Jefferson in 1801.
  2. Media has always been a huge part of American society — and the Inauguration is no different! The first inaugurations to be, respectively, photographed, broadcast on radio, televised, and live streamed were: James Buchanan in 1857, Calvin Coolidge in 1925, Harry Truman in 1949, and Bill Clinton in 1997.
  3. Each inauguration features a speech from the President. Some are more known as orators than others! George Washington gave the shortest speech at his second inauguration with only 135 words. William Henry Harrison gave the longest speech at 8,445 words — he would also go on to become the shortest tenured president as he caught pneumonia from giving such a long speech in the freezing cold without a coat!
  4. Theodore Roosevelt is the youngest person to ever be sworn in as president at age 42. Donald Trump, 70, has now beaten out Ronald Reagan as the oldest to ever be sworn in.
  5. January 20 wasn’t always Inauguration Day in the United States. In fact, it took an amendment to the constitution — the 20th amendment — to mandate that presidents be sworn in on that date. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first to do so in 1937.

We can’t wait to see what new records and fun facts will come along in 2017 and beyond!