National Diabetes Awareness

In honor of National Diabetes Awareness Month, we want to keep you informed on how to protect you and your loved ones. Here is an infographic to you can save and print. American Diabetes Month infographic Infographic: Type 2 diabetes affects around 27.6 million Americans, and another 86 million are thought to have ‘prediabetes’, meaning […]

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How Hiring Subcontractors Can Impact Your Workers’ Comp Coverage

Businesses need to use extra caution when they hire subcontractors to perform work on behalf of their company. Companies may assume that their contractor has proper insurance to protect their employees, but this isn’t always the case. Unfortunately, your business is at risk when a sub-contractor does not protect their employees. It is important you […]

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Four Steps to Self-Improvement

In honor of self-improvement month, Partee Insurance has come up with a comprehensive list of what you can do to create small positive changes in your life. Eat Healthier: Live for not only today but for tomorrow and the future. Start to add more whole foods to your diet to help fight against disease such […]

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Reduce Your CA Auto Insurance Rates Without Sacrificing Coverage

Sourcing lower California auto insurance premiums doesn’t mean you have to cut your coverage. Insurance companies consider many factors when they calculate your premiums and you can use this to your advantage. Consider the following when shopping for insurance: Check Before You Buy Looking to buy a vehicle? Check the crash ratings, repair costs, and […]

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Baby Safety Month Checklist

Here at Partee Insurance, we want to make sure your family is safe and protected.   In honor of Baby Safety Month, we have compiled a list of things to look for in your home to ensure your child is safe. Clutter: Look for loose change, paper clips, staples, anything that could be considered a […]

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Cal/OSHA Recordkeeping Posting Reminder!

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA), was established requiring covered employers to provide safe working conditions in the workplace. Covered employers are required to post the OSHA 300A summary form. In California, employers who are covered by the Cal/OSHA regulations are required to post the annual 300A summary form beginning on February 1 through April 30. The summary form must be signed and certified by a company executive. Post the form in a common area where all employee notices are posted.

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Save Your Business From Employee Theft

Employee theft costs businesses an estimated hundreds of billions of dollars each year. “Business owners spend a significant amount of time and resources protecting their business from a variety of risks, whether it’s liability for their products or services or severe weather,” said Helen R. Savaiano, president of management liability at The Hanover Insurance.

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