Established in 1972, Partee Insurance Associates has developed into one of the premier brokerages in southern California for personal, business and employee benefits insurance. We have done this by building solid relationships with our clients and focusing on helping individuals and businesses protect what matters most to them. We believe it’s important to earn the respect, trust, and business of our clients by partnering with them and making ourselves accountable for what we bring to the table.

We believe in honesty, efficiency, accuracy, and respect…
We’re not here to sell you an off-the-shelf policy. Instead, we want to learn and understand the details of what makes your business work, what your goals are, and what you need to feel confident about the future of your business, employees, and family. Our focus is on the areas of your life that require strong insurance protection. We provide high quality insurance policies that will keep you in business after the dust clears from a loss.

We are not all things to all people…
Commercial insurance is our specialty with a focus on manufacturing, distribution/wholesaling, consulting and building contracting operations. Among these are: Plastic Products, Specialty Wood Products, Builders Supply Products, Electronic OEM Products, Food Processing, General and Subcontractors.

We offer personal insurance for home and auto, as well. We believe in providing service and coverage for our client’s personal assets to help them protect what matters most.

We provide our clients with the best possible service and coverage…
For commercial clients, we provide a wide variety of coverages to help you protect all aspects of your business. This includes General Liability, Commercial Property, Commercial Auto, Product Liability, Contractual Liability, Intellectual Property, Commercial Umbrella/Excess Liability and other areas including Fiduciary, Contract, and Performance Bonds, and anywhere else your business may be exposed to catastrophic losses.

The W.C. Gorman Sr. Story

Partee Insurance Associates has a long history within the community, dating back to 1928 when W.C. Gorman, Sr. added insurance services to his real estate business in Wilmar, California, which is now the southwest area of Rosemead. The first insurance companies he represented were the Aetna Insurance Co. and Century Indemnity Co., the New York Underwriters, a part of the Hartford Insurance Group, and later the Ohio Farmers Insurance Co. and the Trinity Universal Insurance of Texas.

Insurance was second to his real estate business in the beginning but that changed over time. In 1949, William C. Gorman Jr. joined the business after being discharged from the U.S. Army Air Corp. and graduating from Pomona College. With new energy and attention paid to it, the insurance side of the business began to grow.

There were several other insurance agents located within the Garvey School District where the W.C. Gorman Insurance Agency was located in those days. Different agents were contracted by the school district, and they individually wrote policies on the buildings, equipment, buses and liability which resulted in hit and miss coverage for the District. Eventually, the agents came together and formed the South San Gabriel Insurance Agents Association to write a single comprehensive policy with proper limits for the schools. W.C. Gorman Jr. was the President of the Association, and Clyde Mallory of the Mallory Insurance Agency was the underwriting secretary. All of the agent members shared in the commission and the school district finally had good comprehensive coverage. As a result, W.C. Gorman, Jr. got to know all the local agents.

Over the years, when insurance agents wanted to retire, they contacted W.C. Gorman, Jr. to buy their accounts. The first merger was Driggs Agency, So. San Gabriel in 1952. This was followed by: John C. Russell Agency, El Monte and C.A. Traub Agency, Monterey Park, 1952; Louis Penland Agency, So. San Gabriel, 1953; C.D. Fabrick Agency, San Gabriel, 1955; Haseltine Agency, So. San Gabriel, 1956; Mellinger Agency, San Gabriel, 1957; Edgar Harmon Agency, San Gabriel, 1958; Mallory Agency, So. San Gabriel, 1969; Dickerson Agency, Rosemead, 1970; John Whalen Agency, Rosemead, 1971; and the Clyde Stahl Agency, San Gabriel in 1972. The final acquisition was the Concialdi Agency in Alhambra in 1973.

All of these agencies were one-man businesses but through their acquisition, the W.C. Gorman Insurance Agency grew. In 1949, the Agency had about 50 customers when W.C. Gorman, Jr. took over. When it was purchased by Wayne Partee of Partee Insurance Associates in 1980, there were more than 1500 customers. With the help of emerging technologies, amazing staff and agents, and a commitment to excellent, Partee Insurance Associates has continued to grow and help businesses, individuals, and the community with the same commitment as W.C. Gorman Jr.