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Individual Life Insurance in Covina, CA

Peace of Mind for you and your Loved Ones

Partee Insurance Associates, Inc. provides life insurance to individuals in Covina, Pomona, Diamond Bar, West Covina, Walnut, Glendora, and surrounding areas.

Individual Life Insurance

Many individuals consider life insurance to be the cornerstone of a sound financial plan. And while no one likes to think about passing on, Life Insurance can relieve you of the financial worry your loved ones may face in the event of your passing. 

Your beneficiaries will be able to use your Life Insurance policy to help pay for anything from expensive funeral costs and estate taxes to making up for lost income or funding your child’s education. It can even be used to continue payments on your mortgage to help ensure that the family home stays in the family.

At Partee Insurance Associates, Inc., we know that choosing a Life Insurance plan is a big decision with many important factors to consider. Our knowledgeable team of insurance professionals is committed to walking you through the process and providing you with the best insurance solution to give you and your family the peace of mind you deserve. 

Types of Individual Life Insurance

Partee Insurance Associates, Inc. offers several different coverage options for your consideration: term life, whole life, universal life, and variable life insurance.

Term Life – This is typically the simplest and least expensive insurance option. Term life insurance provides coverage at a fixed rate for a specified period of time. It is a benefit policy that is used primarily to cover financial responsibilities of the insured, with the benefit to be paid only if the insured were to die during the specified term. Most term life policies can be converted to a more permanent insurance solution such as whole life, variable life, or universal life insurance.   

There are two types of term life insurance: 

  • Annual Renewable Term is purchased for a period of one year, with the death benefit to be paid only if the insured were to die during that one-year term, along with the option to renew after the term period.
  • Level Term Life guarantees a fixed premium for a given period of time, usually in terms of 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. Your premium is based on your age and coverage options, with longer terms being more expensive.?

Whole Life – As the most common type of permanent insurance, a whole life policy guarantees a death benefit for the lifetime of the insured as well as a cash value account for savings. Your premium remains constant throughout the duration of the policy while payments over and above your premium are credited to your savings, which earn a fixed rate of interest. 

Universal Life – Universal life policies are designed to be more flexible than other permanent Life Insurance. You are still guaranteed a death benefit for the duration of the policy as well as savings that accumulate cash value, but the flexibility of a Universal Life plan allows you to change certain aspects of your plan to accommodate life changes. 

Depending on your options, you have the flexibility to change the overall value of the death benefit as well as the time and amount in which you pay your premium. This gives you the option to focus on building your policy’s cash value, or pay a lower premium and focus on guaranteed protection. It is important to note that changes to your universal life policy can affect its guarantees and limits.

Variable Universal Life - With a variable universal life (VUL) Insurance policy, you get the same flexible benefits of Universal Life while being able to take advantage of potential economic growth in the stock market. Instead of creating a cash value for savings, the value of your VUL policy is invested in professionally managed funds that reflect the performance of the stock market. This also means that as the policy owner, you assume the risk and responsibility of monitoring your own investments.

Partee Insurance Associates, Inc. is here for you

There are many things to take into account when purchasing life insurance, and changes in your life situation can reflect changes in your insurance requirements. That is why it is important to carefully consider the different policy options and ensure that you have the right solution to meet your long-term life insurance needs. 

An insurance specialist with Partee Insurance Associates, Inc. will review your current life insurance situation and help you design a policy to plan for the future. 

At the end of the day, one of the biggest investments you can make is an investment in yourself. 


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It has been my great pleasure & honor to work directly with your office over the past 4 years assisting your staff members in the placement of Workers’ Compensation coverage. Partee Insurance Associates consists of staff members who are dedicated to providing superior customer service to their clients. I consider myself fortunate to be partnered with an office who are of the highest caliber of insurance professionals; many who are Level 5 certified by the Institute of Work Comp Professionals. My dealings with: Wayne Partee; David Shields; Cindy Wooldridge; Patricia Garcia; Heather Potter; Mark Campos-Quan; Stefanie Rico; Jesse Duarte & someone who will never be forgotten; Kelley Young have always been held in the highest regard. I look forward to our continued business growth in the years to come.
John Piccolo
Nick and I would like to thank the entire staff at Partee Insurance for the absolute professionalism they demonstrate with every situation they handle for us. Heather your receptionist is always so pleasant and represents your company as first class, Mark’s handling of our worker’s compensation claims is always with the utmost attention to detail and thorough follow up. Dave is always professional, extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and we always know he has researched the best plans for our needs. Cindy Wooldridge is an absolute asset to Partee Insurance and a pleasure to deal with. With her positive attitude, attention to detail and professionalism gives us the peace that she is always looking out for our best interest. I have mentioned to Dave that Partee Insurance is lucky to have such a great staff who represents the company in such a positive way. We are grateful to have such a competent company as Partee Insurance handling all of our insurance needs. This is one thing we never have to worry about which allows us time to concentrate on our business.
Nick and Margie Fry
Partee Insurance has been a valuable asset to our company through the many years of service to us. Not only have they provided us with outstanding service at competitive prices in all our insurance needs, they have also been very instrumental in helping us control our insurance cost especially regarding Workers Compensation Insurance. The Comp Costrol program they provide has been an outstanding tool to help us manage our workers comp claims. I always feel that the Partee Staff is working for our best interest in the way they effectively and professionally manage our workers comp claims. I would highly recommend to any company the prompt, professional services that Partee Insurance provides.
Victor Zonni
I want to thank Partee Insurance Associates for all the help they provide our company with our Workers Compensation Insurance. Every time I have a question they are always there to help me and answer all questions it’s just incredible to have an Insurance Company so helpful. I am really happy with them. Mark I would really like to thank you for all your help every time I call you concerning a Workers Comp issue you are always happy to help us. That is what I value the most about Partee Insurance.
Jenny Villa
I looked everywhere and could not find the location to pay tribute to all of the employees at Partee insurance. Naturally, I have better relationships with some who help me on a regular basis, but not once have I been treated with anything except respect and kindness. Some of you have saved my life on numerous occasions, but since you work with such an excellent team atmosphere, I have to applaud the entire team. Your firm is knowledgeable in so many aspects that help me in my day to day madness and a couple of years back, we brought you our personal business. I won’t mention names because you are ALL so important in doing a job so well done. I have recommended your firm and some of you by name. I would be honored to repeat this verbally to anyone considering a future with Partee Insurance. I look forward to many more years of service from your excellent staff. Thank you for allowing me to do this.
Beverly A. Hathaway
Partee Insurance Associates has been our broker since 2004 their expertise and dedication to handling any of our insurance related matters goes above & beyond. Their knowledgeable & diligent Workers Compensation CompCostrol Staff have kept our claims to a cost minimum and have given us the tools to avoid costly claims as well as the ability to keep up to date with the constant changing laws.
Sheri Thompson
As a consultant to the risk management industry I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of brokers, from the biggest in the world to small mom and pop agencies. I have also had a 10 year policy of never doing business with a broker client. After working with Wayne and the team at Partee I changed our policy and gave all of our corporate and personal insurance business to PIA. I’ve never had a second thought about that decision. PIA is a world class operation and has earned the right to be my broker.
Michael Santo, Ph.D.
Partee makes everything easy. They really are your advocate and work with you to make sure everything is handled correctly. I have never had a problem with customer service, and everything is always handled quickly. Thanks, Partee!
Steve Potter
This year we are celebrating our 50th year in business providing the highest quality Casino Parties for fundrasing and company parties throughout Southern California. Our relationship with Partee Insurance Associates has gone back over 30 years. All too often we forget to thank those who have helped us reach this milestone. Not only do we have our business insurance with Partee but our car, homeowners, and medical insurance During good times and bad Partee Insurance Associates has been professional and more than glad to help with ideas that make sense. We at Casino de Paris regard our relationships as the corner stay of our business. Like the saying goes, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” Prior to getting involved with my families business over 35 years ago, I worked for Allstate Insurance and do understand the insurance world. I have found a true professional always makes a difficult job look easy and I thank you and everyone at Partee for your support. Again thank you for all the years of service and we look forward to many more
Charles M. Ward
Wayne has been very committed to support our insurance marketing program. He has come to CSUF to talk to our students as a guest speaker and also came to talk about Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS) the national insurance fraternity. I did a summer internship with the company, and I found that all the employees are happy and enjoy what they do; they are willing to go the extra mile to help, especially Kelley. The Partee agency is managed in a very professional manner, During my internship I went through every department and I saw that each procedure of the agency is very well defined and administered. The operating manual, the requirements for employees to follow, how to treat customers, etc., are all clear and customer oriented. The employer/employee relationship is respected and well cared for. As an example, for a Christmas gift, the employees were very excited to donate a scholarship in Wayne’s name and Wayne donated a memorial scholarship to remember a well loved employee. I really enjoyed my work at Partee Insurance and would say it is a model for other agencies. I have high praise for Partee Insurance Associates, Inc.
Weili Lu, PhD
Hi Partee Insurance, It’s a pleasure working with your Agency. I would like to let you know that I have been working with Veronica Gonzales on making a change with my Home Owners insurance. She is very easy to work with and is very amiable. She has answered all my questions and is very prompt in responding. She’s doing a great job.
Alfred Marquez
We were very pleased with the great service we received from Partee over the years we have been your clients. You and your co-workers are extremely knowledgeable, efficient and most courteous. The most recent change to our policy went very smoothly. We deeply appreciate your service!
Connie Hunter
The people at Partee are the best. They go above and beyond the call of duty. Always willing to help in any way they can. They are right on top of things whether we have a Worker’s Compensation claim, an auto claim or a general liability claim. Very impressed that the owner Wayne Partee comes out to see us. I would happily recommend Partee Insurance Associates.
Ron Lovich
Partee Insurance has taken care of our insurance needs here at Mills Technique for many years. Everyone on the Partee team is very knowledgeable and always eager to help us out with any insurance issues or questions we have. They were especially helpful to us with our Workers’ Comp insurance. They are all extremely professional and courteous. It is a pleasure working with them and reassuring to know that they are always here for us.
Sandy Osborn
Thank you for taking good care of my family, it wouldn’t be possible without your help. God bless you.
Aracely Pluma
Hi Stephanie, Once again you continue to impress me. As i have stated in the past Im so attracted to your boundless energy and your enthusiasm to give me the best product and service that you can provide.You have allowed me a great amount of patience answering all my question making certain that you have provided as much information in order that i can make the best decision with my insurance needs. As of this date you have provided me with general liability and commercial auto insurance, and shortly i will add my contractor bonding with you. Partee Insurance has a tremendous asset in you ! Once again thank you. Sincerely,
Mirko Mardesic
Life and business takes a team to succeed. From finding the right insurance to battling through a claim that could’ve ruined our business, Stefanie Rico is invaluable.
Scott Bridges
Partee Insurance is my one-stop shop for our auto and home insurance needs. I’ve been a customer for over 15 years and have experienced exceptional customer service along with competitive insurance rates. The staff is extremly knowledgeable and always available to answer all of my questions. Keep up the good work!
Keyur Shah
On February 13th I purchased another vehicle. I called the same day to add the car to my policy. I called your office to speak to someone to assist me. I was put through to Regina Rodriguez. What a great service experience she delivered! She asked all the right questions to understand my needs, called me back within the timeframe she mentioned and combined my policies to save me money. I truly appreciate the outstanding service provided.
Arthur I. Barajas
Partee Insurance goes above and beyond. I called Stefanie Rico at Partee Insurance at 10am desperately needing an insurance package by 2pm. She came through! Response time, phenomenal. Customer service, phenomenal. Staff that can get the job done, thanks Stefanie and Stacey!
Rachel Hoffman
I have written my last Insurance agent prior to your agency to tell them about the lack of communication with my insurance needs. However, you have given me a whole new outlook on insurance agencies. Not all agencies are alike. Ms. Tootie, is truly a professional and knows customer service; Partee Insurance is blessed to have her working for them. Thank you seems so inadequate for the advice and patience she has shown and for walking me though our workers compensation claim. May God Bless you always
Sergio Palos